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Nestlé: In english please :-)

There was a quite heavy-weighted girl,
Who realized she was nearly as heavy as the world.

This thought made her very sad,
but she decided not to go mad.

A solution was traced in time and space, the knowledge about healthy food,
to stop the weight increase race.

Something simple but effective had to appear, a treatment that was managable, without any fear.

By chance the girl found the Nestlé nutrition coach on the internet,
the perfect companion to get rid of her fat.

She put in all her data to achieve individual results for weight reduction, healthy but tasty food to avoid fats and sweets seduction.

In a few weeks time she could not believe her eyes, the first kilograms dropped, what a great surprise.

With the will to reduce even more, she added some fitness practices, she also bought training shoes, in a store.

With regularly moving sportly around, she felt better each day, save and sound.

She got used to the new recipies, she could finally also (again) bend her knees.

So graceful to Nestlé getting her in a good and healthy shape, her favourite fruit is now the an apple or a grape.

Every effort can be a success, if you have the right partner, it will also reduce the level of stress.

So with enough strength and good will, anybody can reach the weight reduction goal, just keep on trying, still.

Greetz, Littleskull